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We are a team of young experts who are engaged in the production of plant preparations TO TREAT DIFFERENT TYPES OF CANCERS AND OTHER MOST SERIOUS DISEASES. Our products are produced under strictly controlled conditions according to the highest environmental standards. All products are handmade, organic and contain the highest quality natural ingredients for strong immunity lifting and detoxification of the whole organism.

The Story of “AN Carstvo Prirode”


AN Carstvo Prirode was founded in 2009. on a family farm in Eastern Bosnia, with an area of ​​500,000 m2, of which 300,000 m2 of arable land, divided by types of plantations into several plantations.

The property is enriched with SEVEN SOURCES drinking water (see video) and a river that flows through the terrain. The capacity of one of the springs is 7000,000 liters of drinking water in 24 hours, or 81.4 l / sec. The performed chemical-bacteriological analysis determined the top quality of water (see PDF), which we use for our juices and elixirs. The largest part of the plantation, 60,000 seedlings, is occupied by Siberian chokeberry Nero, which is  the main ingredient (base) of all our products and which in combination with our honey (150 hives) makes an ideal AN CARSTVO PRIRODE!


River and Springs

We have already mentioned that the property is enriched with seven sources of drinking water (see video), which form small rivers (see video) through the property, and a beautiful river Lim (see video) that flows through the terrain (pictures on the right, ie above on the mobile screen)

One of the sources of drinking water, 7,000,000 liters / day

For your Health

Clean unpolluted air, clean and healthy spring water, a huge amount of organic fruits and vegetables from our own plantations, production according to recipes hundreds of years old, are the basis and excellent prerequisite for obtaining medicinal products of incredible quality and effect.

In the products of “AN Carstvo prirode”, in addition to own chokeberry and honey, as the main product of our products, there are also adaptogenic plants that are the most powerful plants for stimulating the body’s natural defenses.

Eight such plants are from the area of Siberia, the Altai Mountains, Iran and India….

  • Wild Siberian mushroom Chaga
  • Golden Root
  • Siberian resin Mumio
  • Aloe Vera
  • Wild Siberian mushroom Reishi
  • Red Root
  • Ashwagandha from India
  • Saffron from Iran

….and carefully selected herbs from our region due to their medicinal properties are widely used in both alternative and official medicine, because their medicinal properties are recognized by by the World Health Organization. The algae that are also present in our products date from the coastal and cleanest parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

It is obligatory to mention the use of New Zealand ANUKA honey.


So, if you want to improve your health, you have come to the right place!

If you’ve read the information above, we’re sure you’ve figured it out yourself.

Take a look below at some of our products that will improve your health, and see here what our customers say.

Paradise on Earth

Our property, where our preparations are produced, is a small piece of paradise on Earth.

The river Lim, seven sources of water, Mediterranean and continental ornamental plants and trees, tens of thousands of fruit trees, vegetables, green areas…all this creates ideal conditions for the production of preparations that are very effective in the treatment of the most serious diseases.

Check out some of the scenes in our video gallery below.

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Every part of your experience with our products is very important to us and we want to make sure that you enjoy using them and that you achieve good results.

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