Procurement and installation of electrical devices and tools for operation

  • Refrigerator-automatic defrosting
  • Machines that do not consume energy in idle mode
  • Energy saving and LED bulbs that do not have harmful ingredients, and produce strong light
  • Installation of a water jet gear, sensors, faucets that are themselves
  • Machines for cleaning and decoration of premises;
  • Washing, ironing and drying machines with warm water,
  • Machines for mechanical and thermal processing of foodstuffs (for cleaning, sewing, mixing of fruits and vegetables, for cutting, grinding meat, stoves, barbecues, dippers, pans, fryers);
  • Dishwashing and glass washing machines, dispensing and mixing machines, ice makers, express coffee machines, cash registers, electronic computers, etc.
  • The work center technology includes the use of various tools. Tools can be machine (knives for machines) and manual (knives, saw blades, etc.). They are used in the stage of rough processing of foodstuffs, as well as in the process of technical maintenance of devices and equipment in the hotel.