This section is covered in detail in the project menu headings , but we would like to draw your attention to some more elements:

– The description of the project lists the various elements that will make up this center. Check out some of the content in the video below:

The project would be implemented in a location of incredible beauty, without pollution, with clean air, with large orchards of various fruits, seven sources of healthy water, with the beautiful river Lim flowing through the location.

In the video animation above you saw the Lim River flowing through the estate. Watch some scenes of this beautiful river in the video:

There are seven sources of healthy water at the location. Analyzes have shown that this is water of excellent quality. One of these springs provides 7 million liters of water per day:

These sources create small rivers that flow through the location:

We have not yet convinced you that this location where we want to build a project is a small paradise on Earth …? So take a look at this: