Marketing strategy

The basic marketing rule that will be used to promote the services of this center willbe based on the view that successful promotions are simple, offer the right advantage and are easy to communicate. In the sea of various promotions, different from others is not a simple task, therefore a marketing message to potential clients will be that this center is there to help them strengthen their organism and increase the sense of a healthy body.

The following are the stages of the offer, that is, the sales process that will be used during the placement of services:

Phase of bid / sales process

  1. Preliminary meeting
  2.  Presentation of services
  3.  Analysis of the health and hospital process of the potential user of the


4. Preparation of an action plan based on a situation analysis

5. Making a bid

 6. Contract assembly

The specified phases of the offer or the sales process would be followed by marketing support through certain types of promotion while creating sales and distribution strategies.

Marketpositioning is a marketing method that determines the so-called market room that the company should occupy, and thus the way to promote its products and services in relation to the competition in the following ways:

  • By creating profiles on social networks Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter;
  • Membership in business associations and employers associations;
  • Visiting and presenting clients
  • Presentation on the website
  • Writing newspaper or professional articles on the promotion of products and


  • Visits seminars, workshops and round tables in order to reach contacts with

potential clients and business associates;

  • Participation in donor dinners and charities and
  • Granting a discount on certain services.