Description of business idea

A business idea to establish a residence center and develop an innovative entrepreneurial idea that aims to offer a new service to the market. Given that the market situation has already been overwhelmed by diverse service activities, the initiator of the business idea has decided to establish a company that will deal with service activities specializing in the stay of children and adult patients after chemo.

The time after using hospital treatment and receiving chemotherapy can be very stressful for most patients. In order to facilitate and support these patients, health and market practices have shown that with mutual benefits, a very good business move is to decide on the services of staying children and adult patients after chemotherapy.

Although one of the main obstacles to starting a business is mainly money, the comparative advantage of the investor is having a long-standing experience in catering, hospitality and healthy food production. While earlier this form of service was unknown in our market, today it is increasingly represented in the new era of rehabilitation and health services. The specificity and the advantage of this service are reflected in several factors:

  • Use of completely natural ingredients in treatments;
  • Natural environment and regulation (natural light, ventilation, materials);
  • Environmentally responsible management (energy, water, waste);
  • Green destination;
  • Smart food cake systems – healthy food;
  • Holistic programs – the health of the spirit and the body;
  • Lifestyle programs – reprogramming daily habits for a healthier life and
  • Corporate programs – wellness services

For the start of the provision of this service, for example, a great natural potential is required including a nature reserve with a large land area, then a purpose-built object in the form of an accommodation unit with complete inventory equipment and furniture. Advertising can be directed to free communication channels such as social networks, forums, free ads, e-mails and other so-called “inexpensive marketing”.