Mission and vision of the center

The mission of this center is to be a reliable partner that applies the highest standards of business and ensures high quality of service. To ensure to its employees the achievement of full professional potential through continuous education and training, and a reward model in accordance with the achieved results. Fulfilling the mission of this center means creating additional value by constantly monitoring and developing a healthy lifestyle model with the continuous development and upgrading of the necessary knowledge and skills. Then, do business responsibly, economically and sustainably in the provision of hospitality and health services according to the highest criteria of profession and ethics. Become one with special care and professional approach to take care of all users in accordance with international quality standards.

The vision of this center would be to make the stay of service users happy, successful and satisfied, and to be among the leading centers for providing these services and improvement, as well as providing expert consulting knowledge. Develop faster than the market by adopting new global technologies and adapting them to local needs, educating and certifying employees, and developing long-term relationships with service users and business partners. To become a leading regional center in the field of catering and health services, this is the only reference center for strengthening the organism after chemo.