Description of business and activities

The main activity of the center would be to provide services for staying and healthy eating for children and adults after chemo.

In addition to basic services, potential consumers would be offered the sale of finished products from the range of healthy food from the ecological farming of the center, as well as transport to and from the center.

All activities will be carried out on own land owned by the founder of a total area of 150,000 m2 and another 42,000 m2 of land that is leased to 25 years.

The user’s stay would be in a built four-storey office building with a total area of 3.200 m2 (800×4), with a large parking space provided. The mentioned business premises would be equipped with all material and technical equipment and equipment that meets the standard prescribed technical and technological conditions necessary for the efficient performance of the business activity.

Distribution of product products would be carried out in direct communication with users. Additional communication can also be used with potential users through social networks and the web.

Throughout this segment, an ecological part is also satisfied, where the center does not cause any damage to the environment while performing its activity in any segment of its activity.