Technical-technological elements

In the labor collective, in the first business year, 20 (twenty) employees would be employed:

  • General practitioner 4 executors
  • Nurse 4 executors
  • Caregiver 2 executors
  • Cooker 2 executors
  • Waiter 4 executors
  • Driver 2 executors
  • Maid 4 executors
  • Animator 2 executors
  • Nutritionist 1 executor
  • Auxiliary chef 2 executors
  • Custodian 1 executor
  • Receptionist 2 executors
  • Workers on maintenance of auxiliary facilities 3 executors
  • Administration of two executors

In the following years, the business capacity was expanded, which would primarily involve the recruitment of additional employees with appropriate professional knowledge and necessary skills for work. Also, the purchase of additional equipment and means of operation would be carried out. In accordance with the planned time dynamics, the company would start a business with the first placement of its services, so that the first financial inflow would be realistic in the first month of operation.

It is envisaged that the business activity is performed in a built two-storey office building with a total area of 3.200 m2 (800×4), with a large parking space provided. The mentioned business premises would be equipped with all material and technical equipment and equipment that meets the standard prescribed technical and technological conditions necessary for the efficient performance of the business activity.

In the first investment phase, the reconstruction and adaptation of the business facility and the purchase of basic and current funds needed to start the work of the Center would be carried out as follows: