The Story of “AN Carstvo Prirode”


AN Carstvo Prirode was founded in 2009. on a family farm in Eastern Bosnia, with an area of ​​500,000 m2, of which 300,000 m2 of arable land, divided by types of plantations into several plantations.

The property is enriched with SEVEN SOURCES drinking water (see video) and a river that flows through the terrain. The capacity of one of the springs is 7000,000 liters of drinking water in 24 hours, or 81.4 l / sec. The performed chemical-bacteriological analysis determined the top quality of water (see PDF), which we use for our juices and elixirs. The largest part of the plantation, 60,000 seedlings, is occupied by Siberian chokeberry Nero, which is  the main ingredient (base) of all our products and which in combination with our honey (150 hives) makes an ideal AN CARSTVO PRIRODE!