Aldijana Goražde I

Young Aldijana has been battling a vicious disease for 11 years, a cancer that has affected several organs. The cancer spread from the bladder, pelvis, bones, spinal cord and uterus. Aldijana, in order to save her life, visited all famous clinics in the former Yugoslavia. After each operation, the cancer returned. Thanks to donations, Aldijana managed to go to Turkey to the prestigious clinic Medipol, where she was diagnosed with cancer of four vertebrae of the spine, abdominal tissue, intestines and ovaries. Aldijana returned home in a broken spirit. For AN Carstvo prirode, Aldijana learned from a friend and started therapy. After two months of use, Aldijana embarked on an operation for which 40,000 euros were raised. Before the operation, a CT scan was done and it was established that Aldijana no longer has cancer of the spine at all, or anywhere in the body, much to the surprise of Aldijana herself and the doctors who treated her. Aldijana feels great and still uses AN Carstvo prirode therapy.

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